22 May 2017
The Best Way to Market Supply Chain Services? Create Raving Fans.

There is one method that is far more effective than any other, and that’s word of mouth

15 May 2017
​Flat World Holdings Employee of Excellence: Deirdre Guice

Flat World Holdings is proud to recognize an Employee of Excellence, Deirdre Guice. Deirdre has been an integral part of the Flat World family since 2013, and has come to embody Flat World’s focus on excellence

12 May 2017
​Flat World Family of Companies Raises $11,000 for Down Syndrome Association

Flat World Holdings is proud to announce that the employees, friends, and family members of our companies raised more than $11,000 for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater of St. Louis (DSAGSL) at our annual “Delivering Wishes” event held on May 11, 2017.

08 May 2017
What Makes the (Gigantic) Logistics, Shipping, and Supply Chain Sector Work? The People.

Supply chains are partnerships, and those partnerships are created by people.

25 Apr 2017
​Most of the Economy Still Moves on Ships, Planes, Trucks, and Trains

Every year the United States imports and exports about $4,000,000,000,000 (that’s 4 trillion) worth of goods. Those goods travel via ship or plane out of and into American ports, where the average consumer good then travels another 1,000 miles to its ultimate destination. We work with companies that make and move stuff--and we're proud of that. 

12 Apr 2017
​Why Do We Call Ourselves Flat World?

Since Flat World opened its doors, we’ve helped companies gain a competitive edge by increasing visibility, accountability, efficiency, and excellence within increasingly complex supply chains.

27 Mar 2017
​Batman Accomplishes a Lot with a Small Team, and So Can Your Shipping Department

Whether it’s supply chain and transportation management, international freight forwarding, custom crating, hospitality supply chain project management, or implementing the supply chain management technology your company needs, and the one it deserves, Flat World Holdings is here to help you create a high-performing supply chain that gives your company the competitive edge it needs. 

15 Mar 2017
​Why the Global Shortage of Supply Chain Workers Matters to You—and What You Can Do About It

For the vast majority of the world’s suppliers, robots with arms that can remove items from warehouse shelves and trucks controlled by artificial intelligence are a long way away. In the meantime, the labor shortage across the world means supply chains are going to be stretched thin.

08 Mar 2017
Examples in Excellence: Flat World Wins Torque Fitness Vendor of the Year Award

A manufacturer and distributor of cutting-edge training machines and systems, Torque Fitness was founded in 2005 and quickly capitalized on the increasing interest in functional training, whole-body movements, and CrossFit.

Business was booming—but their existing logistics and warehousing partner was not equipped to grow with the company. That's when they reached out to Flat World Supply Chain. 

13 Feb 2017
No Matter What You Hear in the Media, the Sky is Not Falling on Your Supply Chain

The terms “free trade” and “globalization” get thrown around a lot in the media right now, and it can make it seem as though your supply chains are going to change, drastically, at any moment. It’s something we take seriously, since it’s our business. 

While some change is inevitable, and needed, here are a few things you should know about free trade, globalization, and supply chains—and the changes that could happen.