15 Jan 2018
Yes, One Day There Will be Driverless Trucks. Here’s What That Means for Your Supply Chain Today.

Fully automated trucks will change the entire transportation sector and have a massive impact on your supply chain.

18 Dec 2017
Don’t Count on Being Lucky (or, Why You Need to Design Your Supply Chain with Intention and Excellence)

In 2018, we look forward to working with your team to create a supply chain based on intention and excellence. 

04 Dec 2017
Three Things Startups Need to Know About Their Supply Chain

Contrary to popular belief, not every startup is an app for your smartphone. There is a whole world of innovators and entrepreneurs starting companies that make and distribute actual products.

19 Nov 2017
What Are We Thankful For? A Team that Believes in Excellence (and a Few Other Things, Too)

Across the Flat World Holdings family of companies, 2017 has been a year of hard work, innovation, customer service, and excellence. The last 11 months have been great, and as we get close to Thanksgiving, we thought we would take a moment to recognize a few specific things we are thankful for. 

06 Nov 2017
​This Report Says Your Supply Chain Might be Dying. Here’s One Way to Bring it Back to Life.

There are good reasons why your shipping department currently operates the way it does, but those good reasons won’t keep you competitive in an era where your customers increasingly expect speed, efficiency, and visibility from every shipper they work with.

23 Oct 2017
Think Amazon Has Disrupted Supply Chains Now? Wait Until the Company Gets Even Bigger.

The Flat World Holdings family of companies is here to help you build a shipping department that can compete in an economy dominated by The Amazon Effect. 

12 Oct 2017
Hard Costs Versus Soft Costs in Your Supply Chain (and How to Save on Both)

Teams become excellent when they squeeze 2-3% more efficiency and higher performance in areas that their competitors overlook. By partnering with Flat World Supply Chain and the Flat World Holdings family of companies, you can increase performance and create a shipping department that is more efficient and better performing than your competition.

26 Sep 2017
Even Great Companies Can Fail When They Don’t Adapt. Ask Kodak.

Change within your shipping department doesn’t have to be a threat. Embracing change makes you more adaptable, innovative, and capable of thriving in a rapidly changing business environment.

19 Sep 2017
​Flat World Holdings to Sponsor, Judge St. Charles County Startup Competition

Flat World Holdings is proud to announce that it will be a sponsor of the third annual St. Charles County Demo Day to be held on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, at OPO Startups in St. Charles, Missouri.

11 Sep 2017
Shipping Managers, it’s Football Season. That Means We Should Talk About Specialization.

We firmly believe that a team achieves excellence when its members can utilize their talents in the most value-added ways possible. That's how we manage our own team at the Flat World Holdings family of companies—and it’s the same approach we bring to a partnership with your shipping department.