15 Aug 2017
What’s the Secret to Making Your Company Stronger? Getting the Most from your Supply Chain.

To be competitive today, your company needs to be as efficient as possible. You need to change the way you do business. One place to start is your supply chain.

31 Jul 2017
​Excellence Sometimes Means Fixing the Problem (And Saying You’re Sorry)

In life and in business, it’s easy to make a commitment to acting with integrity and doing the right thing—so long as your principles never come with a cost.

05 Jul 2017
China Sends Us DVD Players. We Send them 600,000 Lbs. of Advanced Machinery.

When Chinese companies buy from American manufacturers, they are usually purchasing some pretty technologically advanced stuff.

22 Jun 2017
Creating Excellence in Your Supply Chain Requires Constant Improvement

When it comes to the need for continuous improvement, supply chains, logistics, and transportation management are no different than baseball or smartphones. Establishing operational excellence within your company means continuously improving your supply chain management.

06 Jun 2017
​When it Comes to Your Supply Chain, be a Little More Like Amazon

What is it, exactly, that Amazon does that’s so innovative? Their relentless focus on supply chain innovation

05 Jun 2017
Qatar ties broken off

The worst diplomatic crisis to hit Gulf Arab states in decades!

22 May 2017
The Best Way to Market Supply Chain Services? Create Raving Fans.

There is one method that is far more effective than any other, and that’s word of mouth

15 May 2017
​Flat World Holdings Employee of Excellence: Deirdre Guice

Flat World Holdings is proud to recognize an Employee of Excellence, Deirdre Guice. Deirdre has been an integral part of the Flat World family since 2013, and has come to embody Flat World’s focus on excellence

12 May 2017
​Flat World Family of Companies Raises $11,000 for Down Syndrome Association

Flat World Holdings is proud to announce that the employees, friends, and family members of our companies raised more than $11,000 for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater of St. Louis (DSAGSL) at our annual “Delivering Wishes” event held on May 11, 2017.

08 May 2017
What Makes the (Gigantic) Logistics, Shipping, and Supply Chain Sector Work? The People.

Supply chains are partnerships, and those partnerships are created by people.